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I literally just did it. I got my first job as a junior last week!
I think that what may have helped it is a project that I have been working on since last year- a low-cost thermocycler (github.com/cetuspcr/Cetus-PCR). I think it may have shown what I know and am capable of.
Other than that, there is the fact that I participate in some groups of robotics in my school, getting some technicals and group work experiences...

Anyway, I'm really excited to have some real job experience. Do you guys have any first job tips?


One of the biggest lessons I learned early on was to be comfortable and get good at asking for help.

At my first dev job, I got assigned a task. I didn't ask a lot of questions (mainly because I didn't want to be viewed as not knowing something). For some reason I thought that if I asked a dumb question, they would be like "Oh you don't know that?! Umm idk why we hired you!" 🤦🏽‍♂️.

I spent days and weeks trying to make progress on the task, which turned out was really too big for me to do by myself. Ultimately, I would've been better off asking lots of "dumb", clarifying questions early on until I understood what I need to do.


This. Love it! Don't hold up to your questions, just spit them out.


Congrats mate! All the best for you in your first gig, you'll love it. I like how you leveraged GitHub and your side activities at school to make yourself look more credible.

First job tip? listen, learn, and repeat. Listen to whatever senior you work with. Learn from them. Repeat what you see in your code.

You'll have time to form criteria in the process, for now just be a sponge :D

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