The AWS Trap for Startups

Mukit, Ataul on February 17, 2019

We have been running quite a successful venture for some time with users of the system increasing day by day. Our startu... [Read Full]
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Why the title "The AWS Trap for Startups". It will happen if you're in any other cloud right?


It will happen in any other cloud, but the point is, AWS kind of promotes throwing hardware at which can be solved with Software. So, that's why it's the AWS trap :)


My first thought reading the headline was something is wrong with AWS for startup. After reading the article, AWS has nothing to do with this. I'll never upgrade my hardware if I see spikes like this. It's purely caused by software, and don't blame AWS

Since it's easy to upgrade RAM and CPU in AWS (at-least that's what gets promoted intentionally or un-intentionally all over internet), the moment we see CPU or RAM usage increasing, there is an inclination towards vertical scale up although the problem may be elsewhere. It's the inexperience to blame, not AWS.

Yes, even Google Cloud will recommend you to increase server specs at this condition.


Yes, avoid the classic 'throwing hardware at a software problem'.


Made me add this line to the article itself without taking permission :)

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