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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Luis Serrano 🇪🇺

I became a freelancer qualifier after suffering that madness. I realized how many good engineers where dismissed for no good reason on interviews. First thing I told my customers is: let's stick to real coding! (Aka no binary trees crap) and second: framework agnostic technical challenges.

You're totally right with this post and I see it's an international thing, because it's happened to me already (like not knowing enough React, in their freaking opinion). I am in Spain, I wonder if it happens globally but it needs to stop. A good developer isn't the person who knows exactly xyz stack, but the person who can quickly get up to speed with that stack and any other in the future. Plus all the project experience, people skills and so on. Engineers should not do HR stuff, tunnel vision and opinionated egos don't make good qualifiers.