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Awesome, thanks for sharing. Question though: what if I do want to force commit something, even I'm consciously aware that I can't check every item in the checklist? For instance, sometimes there's something breaking in production and we have to roll out an hotfix right away. This means that sometimes there's no ticket associated and we're damn sure that what we're releasing will fix the problem and not break anything else. This pre commit hook wouldn't let me commit in scenario, would it?


In this specific scenario, yes, you'd probably just have to answer "Y" anyway. You'd really want to think of a checklist like this as a guideline rather than a rule anyway.

(+2 points if you name the reference)


"The code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules"

It's nicely relevant to programming as well... I might make a wallpaper with that quote !


The good thing is that even you fake the 'Y', it's still one more opportunity to think about what you're doing in the heat of battle; instead of just pressing send.

I need one of these on my emails :D

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