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re: Regarding 6h of sleep, does that research involved use of coffee? Because coffee (and nootropics) can reverse the effects of lack of sleep, and bri...

Yes there’s plenty about coffee and nootropics in why we sleep, it certainly doesn’t reverse the effects of lack of sleep, it may make you feel temporarily a little better but really you’re just trying to trick your brain, which isn’t good. That’s the attitude I had when I was at university, just dose myself with a tonne of caffeine to counteract it, but that’s a short term fix for a long term problem.

And yeah I completely agree with maintaining mental health, and the above tips if followed should help you towards that!


Yeah, caffeine is exactly tricking the nervous system by binding to the receptors instead of adenosine, and adenosine accumulates. Don't go there, you'll pay double. There is a substance which can reverse the need for sleep, but unless you are a military or narcoleptic, forget about it ;)
8h sleep and no more than 3 cups of coffee, no redbull, no mountain dew.
In my case, 3x coffee is a healthy maximum, 5 is exploiting me.

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