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Discussion on: What do you do within the first 30 minutes of starting your work day?

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Lyn Muldrow

My routine is pretty consistent and I prefer it that way, although I love to switch things up here and there when I'm moved. I work from home and am an early riser, so after (showering, then) finding my fav pj pants and a work-appropriate top to put on, I walk my Great Dane, grab an Earl Grey tea, say good morning to my kids (who are usually awake when I am) and fire up my computer in my home office.

After I log into work, I typically:

  • check my email
  • sign in with the team by posting a "Good Morning"
  • assess the time-sensitive/dependency priorities for the day
  • update my work/goal related social media accounts
  • start working on things from most time-sensitive to least

Because some of the things I do on social are intertwined with my work, I've made it a point to check those accounts in the morning so that I'm not wondering where I am through my work with what I need to post/update. I find that the anxiety of 'knowing I have to do something' gets weighty the longer I put it off, so I try to use my morning productivity to knock out as many tasks as I can.