Building a product in a week

Miguel Piedrafita on January 20, 2019

I woke up on Monday with a strange idea. After working on micro-products (I built two chrome extensions in less than an hour each) and small... [Read Full]
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I'm aware, and working to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience, will ping you when it's fixed :)


Great project men.
I was doing research for a similar idea, but instead of use digital robotic voice offer real human voices for blog reading. What do you think about something like this?

Well, you'd probably offer better quality, but it'd a lot harder to automate. You'd have to charge more and make users wait more.

Sure, but that's the idea
Provide a platform where:
Customer request for a reading of certain text, and an offer.
People apply to the offer and set a time frame to deliver.
Customer choose between people who offered and based in time frame and portfolio.
Locution as a service


Nice article, man! I've learnt a thing or two from your post (especially with how you promote your products) which I'll apply it the future. 😁

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