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re: I agree. Let me rephrase. The user of stack should be only aware of stack and the valueType it pushes or pops. It adds no value (in my opinion ) to...

Awh ok. Sorry for the late reply. I think I understand what you're talking about. You want just the value correct not the object?. If that's what you want, you need two change two parts.

Stack Interface

interface Stack<T> {
  size: number
  top: StackNode<T> | null
  bottom: StackNode<T> | null
  push(val: T): number
  pop(): T | null

Stack pop implementation

pop(): T | null {
    if (this.size > 0) {
      const nodeToBeRemove = this.top as StackNode<T>
      this.top = nodeToBeRemove.next
      this.size -= 1
      nodeToBeRemove.next = null
      return nodeToBeRemove.value
    return null
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