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Discussion on: Coming back to Blogging

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Maeling (she/her)

Hi Ryan! I can totally relate to getting sucked down the rabbit hole and letting it prevent me from actually coding! To make things easier on myself, I have limited myself to a few resources to focus on at a time that cater to a project-based learning style. Participating in the #100daysofcode challenge is also helping to keep me accountable.

Oh, and reading 'Atomic Habits' last year definitely changed my goal-setting process. Great read!

All the best to you this year!

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Ryan Furrer Author

Hey Maeling!

1 - Thanks for reading!

Limiting myself to fewer resources is defiantly a good idea. As for #100DaysOfCode it's something I started last year and failed on - but I'm happy to have another crack at it!

I'm so glad you enjoyed Atomic Habits! For me, I was (and still partially am) a terribly lazy person for most of my life and it's something I find myself fighting more than I'd like. Atomic Habits is a book that I'm sure I'll be reading a 3rd and 4th time in the future :)

All the best to you as well! I hope you'll drop in again