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re: Would you share something about govendor(github.com/kardianos/govendor) vs Go111module=on . I've a doubt about Go111module=on which saves one versi...

Hi sameen,

Unfortunately, I do not know about govendor. But from what I understand, when building a binary with GO111MODULE=on, a single version of each dependency will be used for the whole build. Russ Cox calls it minimal version selection (see his blog post on Dec 3rd, 2019).

I've a doubt about Go111module=on which saves one version of packages only in GOPATH

What do you mean? GO111MODULE=on will remember (in go.sum) the version of dependencies and save each dependency copy in GOPATH/pkg/mod (i.e. one git clone at a fixed version if you will).

Note that GO111MODULE=on works very differently from node_modules since a single version is used per package, even when the package is used in multiple dependencies across the dependency tree.

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