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Great post!

I'm still trying to get better at #6 too. I keep thinking that I can review PR when I'm taking a break from my main task. How do you normally dedicate time to reviewing PR? any particular time or the whole day?


Thank you so much!

Setting aside time is definitely a struggle, and more than once I ended up working OT because I was trying to get my own work & reviews done at the same time. The best thing I've learned to do is treat reviews like their own dedicated task (because they are!), which means when I give time estimates for how long it will take me to deliver a project, I have to take into account how long I think reviews will take. So my time estimates are longer now than they used to be, but I'm fortunate that my manager is very understanding as to why that is.

I also will block off time on my calendar so I can't be booked for meetings or other tasks. The amount of time depends on the project. When we're building a website with a lot of interdependent parts, I will set aside larger chunks of time more frequently to do reviews so I'm not holding up the process. If our timeline is a little more flexible, I will do shorter periods of time (1 or 2 hours). I also prefer to do reviewing in the morning when my brain is still fresh, and I've found it puts me in a good place to start writing my own code when I'm finished because I'm more aware of good syntax, logic, etc.

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