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I think I agree with you! I'm trying to learn more from PHP and Laravel. There's this feeling that I have to learn lots of frameworks and programming languages because there's so much work out there. However, it does not sound bad to become good at one thing before getting to learn another.

Although, as Gabriel says, it's a good idea to try to learn three different things at the same time if you will. I mean, there's so much code and stuff on the internet that we don't have the time to study all of that.

I'm watching some videos on Youtube,, Udemy, Codecademy, etc. They have lots of videos an examples to study and learn but I think if I focus on one or two things, I could overcome that goa and go for the next one.

Don't you agree?


Totally agree, that was the point of this article even if I think the title was somewhat misleading, implying that you should stick to one thing forever, while what I meant was really to push that extra mile to learn deeper before jumping to something new !

Glad this was understood !

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