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Discussion on: Longtime devs: Have you rekindled your love of coding after losing the spark at any point in your career?

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Marco Azzurrini

This might come across as weird or even wrong, but it's my honest take on the subject.
I need to preface this saying (writing) that I wouldn't consider myself a longtime Dec, I've been in this world for just over 2 years.
Okay, here's the thing: I didn't start coding because I was passionate about it in the first place.
Generally speaking, I have discarded the notion of "following my passion" years ago, and my life has tremendously benefited from it. I have strategic goals as about my life and career and execute on them, no matter what, if I wake up and don't care about coding, I will still do it, day in day out.
I like to phrase it this way:
I don't follow passion, I follow a strategy. Passion can follow me if it wants too, but I am going either way.