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re: Excellent post! I'm looking at designing something similar myself (a completely serverless CMS), using S3, DynamoDB, and Lambda, so this was helpfu...

Glad the post could help a bit. That's the whole reason for sharing!

Lambdas in a VPC require a NAT to reach the internet. That was the snag as soon as I integrated EFS (which has to be in a VPN).

CodeCommit and CodeBuild are definitely possibilities here as well. @esh pointed that out to me as well. It's been a while since I used CodeBuild, so I have to circle back on it.

I would caution you in building your own CMS unless it's as a project to learn about building in the cloud. There are already a ton fo great options out there (most free and open source) that could save you a ton of time.

That said, as a learning project, it's a fun activity to take on!


Good to know about the Lambdas and NAT. A bit disappointed, but not entirely surprised. But, because it's a brand new offering, maybe this will change in the future as the service evolves. For an enterprise solution, this is probably not a deal-breaker, but for a student like me, it's definitely cost-prohibitive for portfolio projects I want to keep going on a long-term basis.

The project is definitely just a learning project! I did a few projects in the past with Lambda and DynamoDB and did not completely understand how they work. I have a much better understanding now, but definitely want to learn more. I am also considering playing around with Aurora serverless and a CMS is a fairly simple use case to integrate all of the above and get some experience with them.

Yes, for work production accounts the NAT gateway cost is usually a drop in the bucket. Though it would be nice to see some sort of slicker solution there for purely serverless setups.

Your CMS efforts sound like a lot of fun. Aurora serverless is very cool and also pretty straight forward. For the DynamoDB piece, have you read Alex Debrie's book dynamodbbook.com/?

I have not, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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