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re: Hi, great post! Instead of using your shouldComponentRender() function, have you considered using componentWillRecieveProps then setting the pendin...

Thank you very much for the comment Calum. :)

I did it a long time like you described and the solution was great. Then componentWillRecieveProps was marked as UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps in React 16.3. It will become deprecated in React 17 and the new getDerivedStateFromProps is here.

So I was wondering how I would solve this without depending to much on changes within the React lifecycle methodes and came up with my solution for the problem.

Putting the code into a function that sounded like a lifecycle method was my approach to keep the code readable and make everyone understand what is happening even if the code gets complicated. I keept it that way. :D

Also, I never got the idea why you would put state from redux into the react state if there is no reason to. I mean, you copy data from one state to another without doing anything with it. Seems like a waste of time. Can you enlighten me? Is there any benefit?

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