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Martin Betz Author

Hi, I'm working on part 2 already. May I ask what your project is about? Maybe I can answer some questions that you have.

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Ben Nash

Hi Martin,

The site belongs to a local farm that delivers produce to restaurants. The BOLT CMS site lets Members create an account, and then order produce for delivery. The food order form is a custom Bolt Form. Payments are handled in person not online. It's a simple site and it works with the Members extension as is.

I'd like to add additional fields to the Member profile, both editable fields by the member like Address, City, etc, and also some possible fields only editable by an administrator.

Any help there would be appreciated.


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Martin Betz Author


I think that your business case is an excellent fit for Bolt CMS + Members. I have been struggling with extending the member fields (for Part 2 of the tutorial actually) as the documentation is directed at people with a very thorough understanding of Bolt's internal architecture – which I do not possess yet. There is some information in the docs: github.com/bolt/Members/blob/maste... and there is an example add-on (aka extension) here: github.com/bolt/Members-Addon-Example. It has more or less the fields that you need and is structured as an extension. I could not get it running however, so I asked for help: github.com/bolt/Members-Addon-Exam...

Maybe some of this helps you and I will surely continue my research. I will share whatever I find out…