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Did the module system get in your way during the migration? I heard that there are some issues, especially with reflection-heavy packages such as hibernate.


No, I didn't experience any problems with the module system. At the moment, I have no intention to use the module path since Gradle multi-project builds in combination with the java-library plug-in seemed to be more suitable for our use-case. So all the libraries are still on the classpath. I guess this circumvents all problems with the JPMS.

Given that Java 9 was released September 2017, I assume that all common, actively developed frameworks and libraries have a solution for API calls which are not allowed anymore. Did you hear of any concrete problem with Hibernate, apart from adding the libraries javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api and org.glassfish.jaxb:jaxb-runtime which are not part of the JDK anymore?


But I had problems with the module system 9 month ago, when I evaluated the JPMS vs. Maven submodules vs. Gradle multi-project builds.

See this question on Stackoverflow which is still unanswered:


It was triggered by dependencies in the Spring framework which didn't like the JPMS constraints.

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