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It's not for everyone. We just hired someone who said he preferred working in an office over working remotely.

On the other hand, I prefer remote. I'm currently working four days a week from home with one day in office, and pushing for full remote. I live about 35 miles away from the office. The commute is a big reason for me - 70 miles a day and a minimum of an hour and a half (easily doubled if there's construction or an accident on the freeway). Costs (wear and tear on the car, currently about $10 in gas every trip, etc.) and time lost add up quickly.

The time lost really hit me not too long ago. I was a dental tech for 15 years, with an average commute time of 35 minutes each way for that entire time. With a little variance, I realized I lost 6 full months of my life to commuting. I'll take remote for that reason alone.

I also like the freedom of not being restrained to a desk or a clock. When I'm in the office, I can easily sit at my desk for 4+ hours and not move. I'm trying to be more health conscious and active these days, and sitting that long is counterproductive to that. When I'm working away from the office, I'm free to do a lot more, such as going to my kids' events (I'll be at a school meeting this morning that I wouldn't be able to go to if I was in the office), have lunch with my wife, etc.

I've also found that I tend to be more productive out of the office. Office time tends to be filled with interruptions and meetings. Out of the office, even when I'm working from a coffee shop (which I often do - it fills the social aspect of an office without the pressures of an office environment), I can block out distractions and noise since they almost always have no relevance to me (whereas an office distraction has a possibility of being relevant).

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