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Discussion on: What Is The Best Linux Os (most stable os) For programming

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Brian Masinick • Edited

I've been using Linux distributions since 1995. I started with Slackware. In 1998 I added Red Hat, Mandrake.

I also used Caldera open Linux around the same time. A few of them no longer exist by those names.

In 2001 I got involved with Debian and SUSE and I still have more current versions of them.

For every day use I prefer distributions based on Debian because they are easy to maintain. Pure Debian systems are available in stable release form, great for servers but not the easiest place to get state of the art new software,

Because so many shops actually use it, Red Hat is good. RHEL is likely to be used in large business and Fedora is good for testing new software. Both are well equipped for software development.

Frankly most distributions ought to have a decent software stack; if not, see if you can get what you need; if not, don't waste any more time; move on.

If you choose most of the distributions discussed by more than one person you should be OK. If you really aren't sure, the Red Hat & Fedora duo ought to be considered because they are widely used today in business.

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Gathsara Author

Thank You very Much, Sir. For Your Answer..!

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