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I first started with python, then went to javascript. I have no idea why but js "clicked" for me very fast, while i didn't understand too much (intermediate / advanced) python after a few months of playing with it.

I know some begginers have problems with understanding concepts such as "closures", "prototypes" and "higer order functions", but in my experience, those came naturally. I was "expecting" it to work that way (except for prototypes, which i didn't understand that fast, but when i did it made sense).

The hardest question to understand the answer of while learning js was: why doesn't my game render if i put the logic inside a while true loop?

After using js for a while and then once in a while going back and playing with python, a lot of things made sense, and I can see why so many recommend it. It's definitly better for things like "courses" where someone explains someone else something. My route was more the "start a project you always wanted to do and then google all the problems you encounter" route:)

A year ago I switched to typescript (and i'm never going back:))

Also, for the last month or so i've been learning c++ and it's cool, but definitly not begginer-friendly...

Disclaimer: english is not my first lang, so please forgive the typos & grammar mistakes.

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