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re: I’m surprised that this post hasn’t received comments yet. It is a very helpful and valuable post and I feel identified with some ideas expressed h...

Thanks so much for this comment Efrain! We're glad you found it so helpful and valuable, it means a lot to us. It's one of the first posts we wrote and we continue to write things that we think can bring value, sometimes we wonder whether re-posting these old ones could be useful to anyone.

It would surprise most that a lot of developers even with 10+ years developers struggle with a lot of the issues outlined in this post - and that's absolutely ok. We definitely do too. And you sharing your experience should help others stop judging themselves for it - programming is hard and the points here only speak to the little side effects that make it more difficult.

Thanks again for your comment! We hope you get tons of value from our other posts in this series!


Yeah I’m definitely going to read all the series. Thank you!

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