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I completely agree about taking the extra time to learn more git and command line actions. They're both extremely important and can lead to so many more disasters if used recklessly. My main priorities are often those, and the basics of whatever team technologies I understand the least - a lot of work is done in Rails, and learning the basics of that has helped me immensely.

As for dealing with the thoughts of fear and insecurity, I don't think those feelings truly go away. But they're an extra motivator for asking more questions and trying to take on progressively tougher tasks. My best response to it has been a few tips you had: reminding myself of my small wins, reminding myself of how much I've learned so far, and learn at least a little each day.

Another big tip I've learned recently is, as you improve, don't be afraid to trust your gut more. In the early stages it's easy to always distrust it since you need to do lots of research and double-checking for new work. But don't get stuck in the habit of this, since eventually it'll be what tells you when something is wrong before your brain knows it.


Hi, Max!
Thanks for sharing your experience here. The tip about trusting your gut is something that I am starting to do, having Code Review in our daily practice also gives me some confidence to do that. The best!

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