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Discussion on: Which is better PHP or WordPress for making website?

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James McCleese

WordPress is PHP, so you can see how your question rings a little strange in many developers' ears.

Plus, asking if a site should be built on PHP is an odd question in and of itself. I don't know anyone who's developing in plain PHP anymore. Most developers are leveraging a framework like Laravel, Symfony, or Slim. So, it may be a more apt question to ask "which is better, WordPress or Laravel, for making a website?"

To that question, I'd have to say "it depends." WordPress is fine if your website is a blog and can even work well if it's a simple company or personal site. It starts to get a bit dicey when you want to add custom features. Sure, there's a massive library of free and paid plugins, but they quickly become a nightmare of security risk and dependency conflicts. You may be able to avoid some of this by using a paid WordPress host who manages all that for you, but in my book it's not worth it.

However, a custom site built in Laravel (or another PHP framework) has its own drawbacks. If you're not a developer, you may need to hire someone to make a change any time you need one. Also, depending on what your site is intended to do, it may be overkill.

Never underestimate the power of a website built in good old HTML and CSS. Many static sites could benefit greatly from a simpler approach like that. Need a little extra interactivity? Just sprinkle a little JavaScript on top. A site like this loads super fast, is extremely cheap to host (possibly free) and meets many people's needs.