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Discussion on: Tips for Teaching Remote Workshops?

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Megan Sullivan Author

Thanks for sharing! I love the way you set expectations re: the learning process. Letting them know that it's supposed to be challenging is a great way to help people feel less stressed when they run into problems.

Do you go over the solutions with them as a group when they're done working on it themselves? Or do you expect them to check their work as they go?

How do you structure the interactive quizzes? Are they multiple choice? Do students answer in the chat?

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Sandrina Pereira

Yes, I find it very important to setting expectations, especially when you don't have a clear picture of the attendee's level and can't help on-demand each one of them individually as before.

Solutions: Yes, after each exercise we always go through the solution together. This is the time for them to ask questions too.

Quiz: I use online platforms to do the quizes, like Kahoot.

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Megan Sullivan Author

Nice, thanks for the tips!

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