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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Natalie Martin

Any framework is going to be opinionated and have its own philosophies on how to design systems. The "best" frameworks will be the ones that mesh well with the project's domain and the development team that's actually developing and maintaining the project.

When it comes to the pros and cons between React and Vue, it mainly comes down to differences in basic developer experience. There are probably some slight performance differences, but it really comes down to choices in how you want to design the code making up your system. Do you want to use specific technologies that mesh better with a specific framework? Where do you like putting your component-specific CSS? Which framework seems to have a better ecosystem to you? Do you like JSX or Templates?

I think you should learn both if possible. I think there are good pros and cons to both frameworks that keep them pretty balanced in my mind, but even if you clearly prefer one over the other I think it's good to ask why you like it more.

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Ghaleb Author

Thanks for your input.
I am sure I will learn React at some point; it might even be in the near future. If not for anything else, it would be for a better resume. Even though I have fallen in love with Vue, React simply has more jobs—at least where I live.