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re: My thought on this as a senior developer who wants the junior developers to become great and amazing developers: Please ask another person fast! ...

I was taught the 20 minute rule and it's been really helpful. Basically when you're stuck try everything you can think of for about 20 minutes. Google stuff, try stuff, try to talk it through on your own... and if you're still stuck ask for help. I usually try to spend 5 minutes making sure I can accurately explain the problem to the person I'm asking.

It's been a huge thing because it's easy to just ask for help without trying yourself and it's also easy to sit there feeling like you haven't struggled enough to justify asking for help yet.


You are right! You should struggle for a little bit!

Give that brain some work :)

Just don't tilt!

For some people, it is hard to find that line where they tilt.

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