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re: I'm getting into rails at work right now and I have a lot of the same gripes, but I've also only been using it for a couple weeks so I'm hoping con...

I personally think not to spoil your mind with rails MVC architecture, it doesnt hold long beyond a basic blog, it breaks down easily even under a moderately larger app. The conventions are rules with their own peculiarity which moves you away from the problem.

You end up solving the framework to work for you than working the problem and let framework fit in place. Its almost ridiculous to keep battling the Rails framework to fit your problem domain.

Occams Razor suggest that simplest answer is also the most probable. The simplest answer is Routing + templating + middleware (RTM) not MVC. Use nodejs, clojure or Sinatra. Anything but rails if you are aiming to go beyond a blog and not want to battle the framework.


I see where you're coming from, but I'm an individual contributor working with a small team on an existing project, so I can't exactly waltz into engineering meetings and be like "let's start from scratch using a framework that no one knows" hahah

Hahah, True! I have commented above in the parent comment section do read it. I explain exactly how rails teams eventually hit a wall.

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