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Discussion on: Junior Developers Should Start A Technical Blog Early In Their Career

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Samuele Zanca

I wrote my journey type of first blog post yesterday. Planning on continuing to write more. I have a few drafts saved with ideas and what to write about in each.

Even though i think they are more on the side of personal blogging versus a technical blog im still going to post them to the dev community.

One is on motivation, one on my experience with the flow state & one about my plans to start a side business 2 weeks in my first dev job.

Then hopefully soon I'll write something about MVVM which im using at work. Especially since it was really confusing to me in the beginning.

Thanks for the great article, very helpful!

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Rachel Soderberg Author

That is excellent! Some of my posts have been more personal as well, I don't see any issue with that. Your ideas sound great, especially the one about starting a side business! I look forward to reading them!