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Discussion on: Am I too old/young to learn programming?

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Micah Lindley

As a sixteen-year-old dev of seven years, I sincerely disagree that YouTube is the best way to learn programming. There are lots of good free courses on Coursera and Codecademy that helped me get to where I am today. A more interactive, step-by-step approach is often much more useful than bringing yourself into tutorial hell that's never finished.

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Saifullah Usmani Author

@micahlt Yes I agree with you. YouTube is not the only source. But as long as tutorial hell is considered it is a real thing and watching courses on Coursera or Codecademy or any platform i.e YouTube(There are a lot of good courses on YouTube too) means the same thing Tutorial Hell. The way you get out of it is not by unfollowing YouTube but by building your own projects without the help of tutorials(From anywhere).
Although your point of "tutorial hell" is a valid point. I will surely add that in the blogpost sooner so new beginner don't stuck in tutorial hell rather build their own projects.
Thanks for the feedback Micah Lindley.