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Discussion on: Would you mentor someone 5 min. a day?

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Michael Lee 🍕

Adrian, thanks for asking the question and diving into your thoughts about mentorship. I really think this drove it home for me:

Can we get 5 minutes a day with someone experienced to learn from directly? That doesn't seem much but... Is it fair for us to ask for 30 hours a year of someone's time?

5 minutes a day might not feel like you're making a huge impact, but when you spell it out as equaling up to 30 hours of mentorship a year, it paints a completely different picture. That's significant. Thanks for doing that. Have you yourself done some sort of mentorship with another person in a 5 minute interval? I would love to hear some ideas that you might've explored on how to get started in your challenge.

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Adrian Skar Author

Hi Michael! No, I haven't done anything like that (even though I'm the Android, Windows, Linux, Network and what-not expert for my relatives, xD).
I thought about a 5 min. window because of the constraints mentioned in the post and that, at first, didn't seem much at first if I were to ask someone for advice but, at the same time, it all adds up.
I guess 5 min with someone experienced could help people like me to make the proper "corrections" while walking this path but as good as it may sound I know everyone is at least as busy as me so I wonder if we could find yet a better way. Thank you!