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Hosts which offer OSS discounts?

Mike on January 29, 2018

Hey Dev community, Alas I was reading about Rackspace ending their OSS discount program for new applicants, and wondered - what other options ar... [Read Full]
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What requirements does your project have? Require server side too?
There are also free tiers like Goole Cloud or AWSs 12 months for 1 EC2, not related to OSS. As for front end Github Pages or AWS S3 bucket free tier shoud be enough I guess.


I don't know what do you exactly want to host but IMHO Heroku is a really great platform and it offers free hosting. If your project is on GitHub you can connect it with Heroku and you can set automatic deployement (when you push to master heroku deploys your project automatically). The free tier is very limited but the hobby tier is really affordable. You can see the pricing Here

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