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Discussion on: What is a Team Lead? What is a Tech Lead? Are they the same or different?

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Michal Rogowski

It’s super hard topic because nowadays we have also engineering manager. The difference between those 3 is very subtle. Main responsibilities all of them usually have in common are:

  1. Balance long term solutions with immediate impact
  2. Create roadmaps with teams and ensure timely delivery
  3. Ensure best development practices
  4. Help in hiring process
  5. Is Assertive
  6. Lead develop / mentor engineers
  7. Lead a team from idea to release
  8. Prioritise and coordinate work between different teams
  9. Represent teams from technical perspective on non technical meetings
  10. Test ideas
  11. Contribute as a developer.

I think all of them have most of those points as part of their job description, but with different priorities depending on current needs and size of the company. :)

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Cristina Ruth Author

I totally forgot about engineering manager! Indeed, it makes it difficult. I wish all companies would just align on their position names 😂

I like how you listed contribute as a developer last because all the things in the list prior to that can easily take >80% of a leads time.