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Discussion on: Simple libraries do not guarantee simplicity - Rethinking popular NodeJs libraries

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Michael Z Author • Edited

Sure there are some tradeoffs to be made. But I'd say frameworks cover more than one use case, so when requirements change (and they will), there is a good chance the framework already provides a solution for it, or provides a way to override its behaviour. At least working with Laravel, this has been a very pleasant experience. If I wanted to understand how things worked internally I had a look into the source code.

Now if you are not using a framework you'd likely have a big task ahead once requirements change, depending on how coupled the code is. Of course, if you are very experienced this should be not a big problem, but at least for me, it took me a framework to teach me about these things.

How confident are you about how any of these frameworks work?

No, they are not simple. They are easy. Dig under the superficially simple surface and I'll guarantee that you'll be confronted with complexity, probably incidental complexity

The point of my article was that if you are using one of these low level routing libraries, you should simply take a look at more high level frameworks and see if they can not already provide you with everything you need. But are you suggesting that even simple libraries like koa or hapi should be avoided?