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Discussion on: JAVASCRIPT, why do they say “it’s easy to learn”

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Miguel Bogota • Edited

I don't think React is harder than Angular or Vue, but since it only handles the UI part the hardest it to learn all this third party libraries like routing, forms, reactivity... and kind of complicates everything. But If you're learning for now react use TypeScript, I think I can't stretch this enough but TypeScript is the best Microsoft did. and For React try to always use hooks, best thing Facebook did as well :v

Also for real life examples you should try to do thing for you own. I learn Angular by making a love page for my girlfriend where she could add love memories, I use a quote of the day API for romantic quotes that changes everyday and use Firebase as back-end. You could do something like that or maybe a portfolio... When you're doing this you'll realize all the thing needed to create a web app and make it work.

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Bret Author

Thank you! I already have a idea of a “snippets” list, to create snippets of a card or page, that I can then copy with just a “onClick”, but when I try and copy the Class, it dosnt work. Idk what to use for copying the text/syntax in a designated area. So, it’s kinda like a To Do app, except for compiled code and you can “on copy” it

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Bret Author

Yea I get messed up on this.state or useState and where to implement that. Define rly when your in the, smaller class info? Where you have card, index... but the card is the class name or you have to make a different name