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You're off to a great start. Some things to consider:

  • Given that tags and authors navigate to separate views, you could use a Tab Bar to pin them to the bottom.
  • When editing a quote, it's difficult to tell what belongs in each text field. You may want to label these more clearly, and avoid using placeholders as labels.
  • A background image behind text can look great when it's done well, but it's difficult to ensure this with user-provided images. The contrast is low in your current design and could be worse depending on the image a user provides. A good test of this is to put a photo of a zebra in the background.
  • Test your design with quotes of varying lengths. There may be some that are only a few words, while others need a long paragraph.
  • When viewing a quote, try removing the border around the quote and extending the background to the edges. This is common practice for content apps (see Instagram).

Be sure to post back here as you make updates!


Thank you Mike! That is all really great advice. I'll redo the mockup with labels and try out the Tab Bar. I think I'll need to look to see if there is a way I could let the user control the contrast of the image.

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