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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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Mikey Sanchez

Hey Katie, great article. Your stream of consciousness style is refreshing.

I, too, struggle with this same "problem". As a fellow jack myself I've been absolutely humiliated in interviews by self righteous specialists.

If I ever figure out a way to get around this issue by somehow demonstrating my insatiable learning appetite and ability to soak up and apply new concepts and tech stacks, you'll be the first to know!

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Katie Adams Author

Haha, this was such a fun comment to read, Mikey. articles have at least taught me that any self-righteous specialist who declines me a job at a company where I know I'd shine is probably not a company I want to work for. Especially seeing how many and brilliant developers clearly have such an open-minded, encouraging attitude! It's something that needs to spread like a sickness in the programming community.