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Discussion on: Would you contribute to a JavaScript OSS Project that uses static types?

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Bill Miller • Edited

A project depending on a nuanced difference in syntax wouldn't be a problem for me. I already know 30 languages where 30% are just a difference in syntax from the "core", so adding another one isn't a problem.

I do agree with Ben Halpern's comment about stable tech, learning a piece of tech that is currently very unstable can be a waste of my time; unless I'm actually interested in helping the tech become more stable.

I find that many people are too stuck in their current stack and are way too resistant to changing to a new one. Their problem will be that eventually their favorite stack will become "old school" and the new stuff will be in a new stack ... which means that these people will be relegated to doing maintenance or working on the legacy codebase.

Remember: Coding is a large slow moving stream with rapids, you either move with it and adapt, or it washes over you and you drown.