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For a "Windows-like experience", you recommend Mint or Debian. As a long-time Windows user, I don't find either of these to be very Windows-like at all.

What do you make of distributions that were specifically designed to resemble Windows? Like Elementary OS or Zorin?

I recently tried Zorin and was very pleased with the overall experience - it's like Ubuntu when I'm in the shell, and like Windows when I'm on the desktop, which is just what I've always sought after.

I did have some hardware problems initially, but it seems to me everyone has that with Linux, unless they specifically bought the hardware to match the OS? (Sadly, this appears to be one of the ways that the Linux experience will never really match the Windows experience.)


Elementary looks more like Mac and behaves more like os2. It's nice enough. I had a few issues when I ran out on a backup box.


if you want Windows like Experience on Linux Mint with Cinnamon then try Feren OS.

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