Discussion on: I am a YC alumnus & 3X VC-funded founder-CTO. AMA!

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Arpit Mohan Ask Me Anything

Let me preface this question by Paul Graham's post on this very subject here.

I agree that they take a lot more equity than usual VCs do. But, in return, they provide a solid alumnus network, access to investors during Demo Day and most importantly, early customers. There are plenty of companies that have grown by simply selling to their own YC batch or just other YC startups. In my books, access to early & friendly customers is worth their weight in gold.

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Aadi Bajpai

That post is exactly why I asked that question, do you feel that formula he proposes is applicable? It's one thing reading a blog-post and another thing getting the hands-on talk from someone who went through the whole experience 😛