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I was going to say this and scopes, but since it's mentioned already, I will say: Compilers and Presets and Browser Support!

There is so many to figure it out, TypeScript & Babel & ES2015 & ES2016 & ES2017 . and the whole ECMAScript 6 Compatibility with browsers, See This Compatibility Table for example.


Not sure for how long you've been working with JavaScript, but believe me, today, it's a bliss since most browsers (specially MS, although Safari is the new MSIE6) put their shit together. Just a few days ago some potential client kind of dropped the bomb about supporting MSIE-8 and all the nightmares came back.


If a client asks to support IE8 I just make him pay its support as a brand new project. That's it.

We do exactly the same, old and non standard browsers are quoted as an extra and separate part of the project.

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