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Pros And Cons Of Using Python For Web Development

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Python is a very popular and special open-source language that has seen an increase in use in the previous years. It is also a flexible, dynamic and highly capable programming language that many programmers opt for more than the traditional options like C++ and Java. It can be distributed freely, even for commercial use. Due to its simplicity, it is one of the most preferable alternatives for many python developers. Although it is highly used in academia and the works related to data science, it is also a powerful option in terms of web development.

In this case, we must give attention to all the leading and popular websites and web platforms that have successfully used Python. Let's have a look at some of those websites and web apps built by the help of the Python developers.

Spotify: This music streaming app that is one of the best components of the music industry is built using Python.
Instagram: This is a widely popular social media platform having more than 4 million daily users, using Python as the core technology.

Disqus: This hugely popular commenting plugin which is used for nearly 50 million comments every month uses Python as their core programming language.

For these reasons, many professionals believe that Python is a great alternative for web development. However, like any other kind of coding language, it has some pros and cons of its own.
Pros of using Python for web development
Let’s first take a careful look at its pros, which we believe can easily outweigh the cons.


Scalability means your web project’s ability to handle a number of users which is increasing rapidly. In other words, scalability makes sure that your app will not collapse as it grows or has to handle some pressure. In the long run, this is very important. Not doing so may result in much hard work, which ends up affecting your key business metrics like engagement, costs, and the hours needed for the development. As Python is both a scalable and a very simple language, maintaining your code can be done successfully in a very easy and efficient way, thus saving you a lot of time and money.

There are a good number of apps in the market that can prove that Python can scale. Just take a look at the popular apps, Instagram and Pinterest. These are two of the most popular apps, receiving a large number of user requests without any trouble, thanks to the power of Python.

An Easy, Simple and clean option
You know that, it is very important for any web project to have a language that’s really simple. This needs to be emphasized for different kinds of reasons. First of all, a simple language can help the developers to document the project in a proper way. That way, if any kind of changes are eventually needed, the developers can always look back and understand what was done. This helps the code to be easily understood, thus saving a lot of time.

Contrary to the other programming languages, Python is much easier to read, even for not so skilled or experienced developers. In this respect, Python is very similar to the Ruby on Rails, which is another great alternative for the web development projects.

An option which is IoT Friendly
If your web project needs involvement with the IoT technologies there is no need to worry, Python is there to help you. Raspberry Pi, one of the best and most popular devices used to integrate IoT technologies into real-world applications, has good compatibility with Python. This is something you need to think about for your IoT strategy. Doing the web project in Python is a perfect choice if you wish to integrate it with IoT using Raspberry Pi. This can successfully develop various projects using both Raspberry Pi and Python, and thus always delivering great results to the clients.

Good choice for Machine Learning
Python is also a great choice, if you need your web project to be integrated with the Machine learning algorithms. Many projects of Machine Learning use Python because of its unique characteristics, but also because of its rich libraries which make working with data much easier. For this reason it is not a coincidence that Python is one of the most preferred languages for data science, something which ML uses very much.

Support of Django web framework
The fact that the existence of a special framework like Django is a BIG point in favour of Python as a web development language. Django is a special Web Framework that helps the Python developers to work on the web projects without any problem. It allows the developers to focus on what really matters instead of struggling to start from scratch. Like Python, it is also an open-source and free tool.

Thanks to simplicity and easy usage of Django, the developers can translate designs into functional applications in an easy and fast way. Another advantage is that it is a very secure option to use. So if you are planning about using Python for your business, you can be assured that your web project is in the best hands from the standpoint of security.

Cons of using Python for Web development

As with the other coding languages, Python also has some disadvantages. However, these are lesser in number in comparison to its advantages. Let’s take a look at the most relevant points so that you can understand how they might affect your business.

Slower than the other Compiled Languages
It is a real fact that Python, like other non-compiled languages, can offer some signs of reduced speed. However, this should not be a problem unless you are considering on doing something that needs lots of computational power. If your project involves some basic web development features then you should not have any worry about it. In those cases where you need a lot of computational power, make sure to inform the development team about this.

Problems with Design
Python may have some difficulties while working with the designs which are complicated. The key to solving this problem is to work with the experienced Python developers that can prevent such problems from arising. Also, consider that you want your design to be really simple and functional, so try to avoid any unnecessary complications that might affect the UX of your web project.

Security issue
Like other languages, Python can display some security issues, although in general cases, it is very secure; just remember that there is nothing that is completely secure. In order to avoid any kind of issues, make sure that your developers follow the necessary steps to guarantee the security of the code.

Therefore, Python is really a great and much easier choice, which you can utilize for various web projects in general. The pros of this language can easily outweigh its cons by far. It has many advantages, and additionally, it can integrate easily with other important technologies such as the IoT and Machine Learning. To use the benefits of Python to its full extent you can always try to hire some dedicated and skilled Python developers and Dot net developers.

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