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Discussion on: The code review that changed my life

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Monique Altero • Edited on

I really liked this article. In the company I'm currently working at, code reviews are not a true practice, It has only 3 people responsible for reviewing and we are a team of 25 developers. Sadly they refuse to comment and truly analize the code of others, it is really a pity. Since I saw this kinda of issue I'm trying to show them how everyone can improve their skills if we take code review seriously. It's been a hard battle but I'll try to win this.

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Dustin Byrne

Hi Monique! I'm curious, why do you think your company avoids quality code review? Do you have any sort of process in place?

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Makoto Kinoshita Author

It is great to hear that this article was somewhat helpful to you. I truly believe code reviews are great ways to improve as a team as well as individuals. Each developer learns new things every day. If you can have a system to share the knowledge with a team, your entire team will benefit greatly. I know it is a time-consuming activity, and some people don't like it, but you got this! Good luck!