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re: I completely understand what you are saying and I had exactly the same feeling when I saw it for the first time. But after playing with it a bit I...

If you want to change how the card looks, it´s just a single place to change.

But if you want to change the theme of your entire page, you'll need to do it repeatedly to every component.

Tailwind has great support for themes,

Yes they have helpers for their default color pallete like, bg-green, text-blue, etc and would have to change it all places.

But, you can define your own names, and having something like "bg-primary", "bg-secondary", etc, so if you want to change your colors, you just have to change in a config file. (tailwindcss.com/docs/customizing-c...).

Maybe they should promote these practices more. I agree it has the potential to become messy if you are not careful.

As I said, I only use it for small personal projects for now, where these points are not that important. What it gives me in terms of speed and good looking design out of the box, largely out-weights the possible problems you mentioned.

Let´s see, where it goes ;)

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