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Discussion on: LinkedIn is for Losers? Think Again. From 💰 100k+ to 200K+ job opportunities. 🛠 Hacks Included.

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Ben Sinclair

If you have anything less than 500, recruiters and employers won't take you seriously.

I don't think this is true. I've worked for a few different software companies and seen both sides of the interview process. I've yet to see anywhere that cares about linkedin profiles in the slightest unless they either look like they're really bad or trying too hard.

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David Israwi

Agreed -- is there a good reason for achieving that number of people in your network beyond other people's perception of it?

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Allison Walker

Yeah, I agree with this too. But having a lot of connections can lead to more possibilities. So it's to your own benefit to have 500+ connections.

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Mehdi M.

Same. Also, I think LinkedIn is as nasty crap as Facebook, and the goal of any developer should be to delete his/her LinkedIn profile once enough true professional relationships ensure you to get enough works and easily switch to new companies.