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Discussion on: Is it okay for not English people to open a blog written in English?

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Ben Sinclair

The difference between someone who has English as a second (or third...) language and someone who writes badly is usually pretty obvious.

I don't think anyone has a problem with English written in a glitchy way. You write clearly enough: I've looked at your blog and there are some giveaways that it's not your native language, but nothing that would put someone off from reading it. If you're happy with it, keep going in English.

Most pages can get translated (automatically in Chrome) quite well and people do actually use that feature in the real world. I imagine if you used another language, it might put off people who only share English with you.

The good thing is that you can do your own translation, and have your blog in both languages if you want!

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Franco Scarpa Author

I see. To be honest, I pay attention to grammatical errors in what I’m reading. I know the content has the priority over everything else, but I feel that something written in a non-correct English is not so valuable. Thanks for your reply.