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Ben Sinclair

That article sounds pretty iffy to me.

Anyway, we're talking about getting a domain "for yourself". SEO isn't much of a consideration, as even if - if companies like Google didn't rank these domains they'd list them if someone was searching for you.

Nobody has a personal domain and expects inbound traffic to come from a search for "best web developer". You network in other ways and have your website as a resource to support you, not the other way around.

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Avi Aryan Author

No, but a client or a low-tech business owner or even big tech teams in some cases, can search "React list performance" and find your article(s) and then hire you as a consultant.

Anyway, I see the reason for this disagreement. You are thinking of using a website for just writing your bio and I am thinking of using the website for writing about myself, my blogs and my projects.

If you use your website only just your bio and contact details, yes, then SEO isn't important.