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When talking about how software developers interact I think it's important if we start distinguishing the roles correctly. In the area of user experience (UX), there is a lot of overlap between roles. Both graphic artists and programmers work together to come up with something reasonable.

I know "Design" typically refers to aesthetic design, but can also refer to a user experience designer -- on many projects these are not the same role. On a software project they must also be seen as software developers. How the visuals look and behave is definitely part of creating the product, thus part of development.

In that light, calling programmers "developers" isn't specific enough. I thin it's a good idea to refer to use as programmers. It clearly defines the role we play (as I outline in my article here).

Am I being picky here? Yes and no. In the are of UX it's important to realize the programmer and graphic artists work together. There is a significant overlap in the areas of responsibility. Both participants must understand the other side, as well as the shared area. The resources for UX design and graphic design are likely quite different. As are the resources for UX coding.

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