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Discussion on: My Misconception when Learning Web Dev

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Allow me o reiterate something here.I am a self taught web and mobile app developer.And it took me less than 2 years to get where i am,i am not saying i am perfect but atleast i can get a website up amd running.When i started i sketched out exactly what i wanted to chieve.I started with the common html,css and js.Then i went to Django studied it then i took crash course in react and angular.After that i started learning mobile dev with dart using a framework called flutter.And here i am.

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David Sullenbarger

Yeah, your right. I probably should have included this - If you want structure there's lots of places to get a general idea for one. Just look at the course order on Udemy or Coursera (or wherever). That's probably a good idea but without a formal setting to compel me (like a classroom) I'd probably use that as a "suggested order" and (mostly) do it the way I described anyway.