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Discussion on: Explain Deno Like I'm Five

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This is goobledygook.

There are no "real, tangible" questions about the ability of software to solve problems aside from the software actually solving the problem. The software offered either provides a solution or it doesn't. Being an all-female software team, say, developing a framework like Deno has no bearing on whether it can be used by men.

What exactly would be the code paradigms used in such a framework, written by an homogeneous group like women, that would prevent men from fully implementing the framework?

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Donald Feury

I'm going to admit I'm not following the logic with that.

Now, if when you say "homogeneous" you're talking about the whole team having very similar thoughts and ideas, I could see the logic. However, unless you got very good evidence to validate the claim that the whole team has the same train of thought and values, this sounds like baseless assumptions.

If you mean "homogeneous" in the sense of arbitrary physical and personal traits (gender, romantic preferences, etc), I don't get what that would have to do with the team having a diverse spectrum of views and values.

I'm still not sure I understand the real significance of a CoC. Its not like its law, nothing holds ANYBODY to uphold it.

I don't really see what would be wrong with, I guess, a simple CoC that just says something like:

Treat each other like human beings

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Yes. Some common sense.

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It's a pity that we bring our own personal hurt and pain, and cover it in pretend help.