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Discussion on: What do you do within the first 30 minutes of starting your work day?

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Mahdi Pourismaiel

When I wake up I usually take a bath and leave my house to reach the coworking space I'm using which is around 40 minutes away. That means I get there around an hour and a half after I wake up. While driving I listen to an audiobook. So by the time I get to my desk, my mind is already active and totally awake. But I can't start working right away and since I do all the tests and PRs at the end of each work day, I only have to deal with new issues and features every morning.

I start my day by going through my Github dashboard,, stackoverflow and programming subreddits. Most of the time I see something interesting which I browse a bit and bookmark it for later. This allows me to switch from Middle Earth or Alagaesia or Deep space to how JS works and JamStack. It's a hard switch but the browsing helps a lot.